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Hair Fair 2010


Me and Sanya were invite to hair fair 2010 this year, and we decided to blog our favorite hairs, to help you guys finish hair fair with the must- have hairs. The hairs shown below were me and Sanya’s favorite hairs. On Sanya : Vest – (Milk Motion) Narcissus collection- my fur vest Leg Tie […]

There comes a time in every girls life when she must go off to work and make a name for herself. Whether it be something small or something fabulously big. While we have been busy with vive9 and other real life events, fashion in secondlife has not stopped, and we’re back, looking much more fabulous. […]

Hello all, so we decided for this post some great releases came out which were so great, These are new released that we paired with items in our inventory. We kind of went for a more edgy uptown type of style for this post. It was so much fun putting these looks together. Of course […]

Dutch Touch recently released its two newest skins Gwen and Sjors. Both Skins are oh soo cute. Gwen has a variety of makeups and a hair base,and eyebrow options. But Sjors has a variety of makeups also, and eyebrows,hair base and freckles. We both fell in love with Sjors because of the fresh younger looking […]

Dernier Cri released its new skin Charlotte, seeing the previous skins Asuka made im sure we all were excited for her to finally release this one. They come in four tones Cream,Chestnut,Coffee,and Cocoa. They come with a freckles and no freckles verision and also eyes. The thing i like about this skin is for each […]

Cold Case Love


Your love was breaking the law But I needed a witness So pick me up when it’s over It don’t make any difference Will it ever be solved Or am I taking the fall Truth was there all along Tell me how did we miss it On Nelly Hair:WILDOhair2010 2 D brown Skin:vive9) Marianne [pale] […]

Hello all, we have missed blogging but as you all know Vive9 sim has been closed and we have been busting our ass to get it open. It is now open, along with a new skin named Marrianne. When we were finished with everything, we took a look at our to do list and blogging […]