Vive9 Reopening


Yes, vive9 is now reopen! We are so excited to have the shop back up and running and we want to thank everyone for being so supportive.

We have a few items available now at the shop.
– Iman Skin ; is available in 3 tones and each tone has 11 makeups (including natural). Also there are 3 seperate special packs with 3 more makeups each in them, which brings the count of makeups for Iman up to 20! Skins are set to 850l a skin and fatpacks are only 3500l.

– Xianv2 Boots ; we changed quite a bit with these. There is now a resize script, there is an option of wood or black heel and sole. Also there are numerous options in each pack now to choose from. Xian boots are 450l per pack and 2750l for a fatpack.

– Waist Highs Shorts ; some cute high waist shorts. They are available in 5 colors and 2 special prints. They are 125l per.

so stop by and check out everything!


5 Responses to “Vive9 Reopening”

  1. 1 sylvan

    Got the Natural skin in Walnut. Love it. The shape I created that I use with my darker skins has a face that is similarly shaped to the Iman shape so the face works really well.

  2. When I get some time I’m logging on to get the walnut pack.. but um’ what shape are you using in the pic? me want it too.

  3. i logged on today and bought the .: Vive9 :. Iman – Inna’s Picks

    • sorry Sakeena for the late reply, It is the Iman shape. Aww and I’m happy you like the skin and boguht the Inna picks lol ā¤

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