Dutch Touch-Gwen and Sjors


Dutch Touch recently released its two newest skins Gwen and Sjors. Both Skins are oh soo cute. Gwen has a variety of makeups and a hair base,and eyebrow options. But Sjors has a variety of makeups also, and eyebrows,hair base and freckles. We both fell in love with Sjors because of the fresh younger looking face and freckles <3, Gwen face happens to be more mature. What we love about Gwen is that we love the makeup options better then Sjor. But there both beautiful skins and Iki Icarus worked very hard on them there hand drawn and every detail is perfect. We have always been in love with Dutch Touch skins and once again were not disappointed. Below is Gwen & Sjors.

Blu In Gwen-Olive
Nelly In Sjors-Caramel


3 Responses to “Dutch Touch-Gwen and Sjors”

  1. aww so wonderfull!!!!!!! <3333

  2. i agree with you, i prefer Gwen’s make up options, but Sjors face is so fresh and cute ^^

  3. yes we feel in love with how fresh the face was but gwen makeups are too cute because i love the variety of lip colors thank you ladies <333

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