(Dernier Cri) Charlotte


Dernier Cri released its new skin Charlotte, seeing the previous skins Asuka made im sure we all were excited for her to finally release this one. They come in four tones Cream,Chestnut,Coffee,and Cocoa. They come with a freckles and no freckles verision and also eyes. The thing i like about this skin is for each makeup it comes with a different color which gives you plenty of variety and the skin makeups are perfect. There not to expensive either at 900l a skin. Below is our favorite makeups, were are wearing the chestnut tone.

Blu: (Dernier Cri) Charlotte [Chestnut] – Scene: Dust/Freckles
Nelly:(Dernier Cri) Charlotte [Chestnut] – Scene: Aqua


2 Responses to “(Dernier Cri) Charlotte”

  1. I Love them all!!
    i had seen them in Derniercriblog and i was just waiting for them!*runs to get it*,lol


  2. yes i love them there soo pretty and thanks sara 😀

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