Tableau Renaissance


Tableau has reopened with a new amazing and oh so cute sim! Most of the stores there have made new items for the reopening, including our personal favorites; Lamb and Paper Couture. We have always been a fan of paper couture,Paper Couture has always pushed out amazing collections, and this one is no exception. The collection has a nice balance between old opera/theater and modern construction, and the accessories given fit the pieces perfectly. Who has not been a fan of lamb, hair Lamb always surprises us with new and unique styles from edgy to indie.

On Nelly
Hair-!lamb. Bang Bang Bob – Butterfinger(50L friday)
Hair Accesory-.+*AA*+. hair accessory *crow
Necklace-p.c; Agate Bib Necklace
Fur-p.c; Dark Fur Stole – V
Bag-(Veschi) Lemme Borrow Yer Bag Grandma – Blues
Outfit-p.c; Roaring Green Ruffles

On Blu
Skin – Marianne (unreleased)
Hair – !lamb. Unbirthday – Butter
Outfit – p.c; Tulle Wrapped Winter Gown
Ring – P.C; Bird Ring
Necklace – P.C; Long Beaded Bow Necklace
Mask – P.C; Eyelash Mask

Lamb Tableau Additions

More newness on the Tableau sim; Lamb. There are 2 new hairs available (Sugar Hiccup and Sugarless). Both are medium cut and frame the face beautifully. Sugar Hiccup being more casual while Sugarless is more mysterious and sassy. We love them both.


6 Responses to “Tableau Renaissance”

  1. lovely job, ladies <33

  2. The bob from !Lamb is cute. I have two i think :P. I like the facial expression on the avatar’s faces

  3. 5 Evie

    Hi Sprinkle! Such an amazing blog, and shame I just found it the other day. I keep checking back for more, and I can’t wait! I was curious how you do such beautiful photos. The skin looks amazingly smooth! Would you be willing to share some tips please? I use a setting in SL when taking pictures that makes the skin look smoother, but I seem to not be able to acheive what you are doing. Thank you so much for such an awesome blog, and having a great eye!

    • Well Evie the settings in sl are a big help but most of the time we edit the photo in Photoshop, happy you like the blog :), If this did not help you can im us inworld.

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