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Emery recently released a bunch of new stuff at the mainstore! On Nelly Hair – BP* summer chigno Skin – .::TD::. Dinah In Fall – Lo mein Necklace – [[SHADE THRONE]] THE PERFECT TUNE NECKLACE – silver party Jacket:Emery – Jacket Orchid Club #Grass Shirt:Emery – Bra Full Busted #Lidil Skirt:Emery – Skirt Momo #5 […]



Relaxing in a cafe and hanging with friends/family is always fun. The new firefly cafe on the vive9 sim is finally finished, and we love the way it turned out. There is a stage, lounge areas, counter, side counters and a outside patio with a gorgeous view. Thank you to cupcake for being our cashier! […]



Good day readers. This is our very first post on our very first fashion blog. My sister and I (Nelly Oakleaf & BluAbyss Denimore) decided that we were tied of standing around and being awkward all day (aside from working). What better way to rid yourself from boredom then to play dress up and shop? […]

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